The reliability and performance of robotics can help you gain a competitive advantage in the marine industry

Many aspects of the marine industry benefit from the innovations, efficiency and increased performance provided by automated and robotic systems. Mexx Engineering™ is well-positioned to design and install systems that involve challenging and difficult environmental conditions.

We integrate both standard and customised automated and robotic systems for:

  • Special purpose machines/vision systems: Global competition, a lack of skilled marine labour and demands for increased efficiency can be offset by automated robotics and visual systems. Repetitive and dangerous tasks are fast becoming a thing of the past in shipyards around the world, with high levels of integrated automated systems providing increased output and profits.
  • Robotic welding system: Profile cutting, web welding, panel and double hull welding, robotic pipe shops and plate edge milling - robotic automation reduces labour costs, improves health and safety in the workplace, speeds up production and increases profitability.
  • Robotic painting system: Robotic painting and resin application as well as fibreglass application within the marine industry reduces labour costs, improves health and safety of workers, speeds up production, improves laminate repeatability and increases profitability.

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