Meat Works & Produce

Robotics and automation offer tremendous advantages with fast, safe handling and packaging of meat and poultry.

Australia is a world leader in the production and export of commercial livestock, with fresh produce a major contributor to the Australian economy. Maintaining the integrity of both of these industries is vital to our ongoing economic stability.

The safety of these food items, along the production lines, is paramount to consumer confidence, whilst the efficiency of the production lines is essential to profitability.

In order to meet the increasing consumer and exportation demands within the livestock and produce industry, automated systems help improve the efficiency of the production process and lower overall costs.

The meat processing industry is a labour intensive, hands -on industry that requires extensive safety protocols. The automation of this process protects the health and safety needs of both operators and consumers alike.

Automated systems can include:

  • Special purpose machines/vision systems: For product sortation, tracking, sizing and inspection processes, presence or absence of items.
  • Conveyor systems: Faster more accurate movement along production lines.
  • Packaging and palletising: High speed packaging, crating, wrapping, loading and unloading of pallets.

Mexx Engineering™ can design customised turnkey solutions that improve efficiency and lower production costs.

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