Metal & Steel Works

Automated robotics and control systems increase productivity and lower costs in the metals industry where precision, accuracy and flexibility are essential.

In today’s global markets, competitiveness and efficiency go hand in hand. The metal industry takes full advantage of the benefits provided by automated robotics and vision systems.

Increased productivity, better quality control and greater profits - all make the use of integrated automated systems a cost-effective investment in the metals industry. Flexibility and the latest control systems allow robots to work around the clock in harsh environments, decreasing down times and increasing productivity.

The ability to lift and manoeuvre heavy loads, perform repetitive and hazardous drilling, milling, bending, stamping and cutting operations and their ability to work in foundry environments makes automotive systems and robotics indispensable within the metals industry. 

  • Special purpose machines/vision systems: High precision, faster production times and lower costs. Special purpose machines, robotics and vision systems increase precision and repeatability and tightly control procedures resulting in improved quality, productivity and flexibility.
  • Robotic welding cells: Robotic welding offers unmatched levels of accuracy, quality and efficiency. Robotic cells are ideally suited to harsh or dangerous environments and repetitive tasks.
  • Machine Tending: Robotics can insert parts/metal blanks and remove large parts through various stages of the stamping and pressing process. Break press tending also works in conjunction with the break press to allow for bending of complex parts.
  • Control systems: High-end custom designed control systems can be integrated into an existing automated system to improve safety, reduce waste or increase productivity.

Mexx Engineering™ has the experience and the drive to design and create a control system to control automated processes within the metals industry.

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