Metal & Steel Works

Industrial robotics in the metal and steelworks industry is known to be a critical technology. With rewards of increasing productivity and reducing the rate of accidents in the workplace, industrial robots can keep metal manufactures in the best position and competitive way.

Whether your manufacturing plant requires welding, cutting, grinding, smoothing rough edges, polishing or routing steelworks, Mexx Engineering can design and install machines that are capable of:

Health and safety risks are inherent in manual operations. The extenuating environmental elements that can cause hearing loss, personal injuries, and even material being flung into the operator’s eye; a robotic solution lowers this threat. With a robot’s ability to manage weld elements up to five times faster than humans by working continuously, a robotic welding system can provide significant increases in output. A robotic welder can continue to achieve the same weld cycle consistently, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Robotic polishing is the process of refining surfaces until they are smooth. This treatment is repetitive and dull while demanding extreme consistency. Polishing robots are programmed to apply just the right amount of pressure and move precisely in the correct direction, for a consistent, absolute, high-quality product. These robots also boost production time while reducing waste.

Robot painting produces top quality results. Industrial painting robots can apply substances without leaving behind drips, inconsistencies and overspray. Paint and coatings are applied precisely and consistently.

Industrial painting robots can provide extraordinary part convenience. Robotic arms are slender and widespread, thus enabling them to be installed in several locations such as a shelf, wall, roof or rail. It also allows for even greater flexibility and reaches.

The ability to lift and maneuver heavy loads, perform repetitive and hazardous drilling, milling, bending, stamping and cutting operations and their ability to work in ever-changing environments makes automotive systems and robotics indispensable within the metals industry. 

Mexx Engineering can assist manufacturers in producing quality work with faster turnaround periods.