Packaging & Palletising

Whether you’re packing or moving containers, boxes or bags there is an automated packaging solution for you.

Packaging and palletising is a generic requirement across a wide range of industries. Each industry however, has specific needs which can vary greatly between companies.

Overall, the requirements for packaging and palletising systems are efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Automated packaging and palletising systems provide you with the efficiency and lower costs your company requires. Take advantage of standardised systems or order a special purpose machine and robotics system designed specifically for your needs and integrated flawlessly within your production processes.

New packaging designs, sizes and configurations require companies to incorporate endless variations within their production lines. Automated systems and robotics are designed specifically to improve efficiency and overall costs in packaging and palletising.

Turnkey, end-of-line automated robotics systems, customised and fully integrated within your existing production lines - provide an effective solution to many manufacturing problems.

Mexx Engineering provide cost effective solutions to wrapping, packing and palletising requirements in the food and beverage industry, in paper converting, in plastics – in fact in any industry where products need to be packaged and/or loaded onto pallets – automated robotics systems can be an effective solution.

Mexx Engineering partners with many leading companies to provide turnkey solutions in packaging and palletising across all industries. For more information, call 07 5571 5733, email or complete our online enquiry form.