Pharmaceuticals & Neuroceuticals

Over 10 years of expertise in automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on automated robotic systems for increased efficiency in both manufacturing and packaging processes. Automated systems provide the flexibility required by the industry leading  to lower costs and consistent product quality.

The modular stainless steel components(for hygienic conveyors) combine to create the same innovative solutions as the more common(aluminium) systems, including accumulation and elevation systems.

Quality control is enhanced with less likelihood of mistakes being made in filling, counting, labelling and packaging pharmaceutical items. The production of small batches and switching between product lines is made simpler and faster using automated robotic technology.

An automated robotic vision system can perform the functions of numerous other machines, give high precision and accuracy and optimise quality control – essential parameters within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Special purpose machines/Vision systems: Used to perform repetitive and high precision tasks such as pipetting fluids and moving plates during testing procedures, preparing DNA samples and picking up and moving test tubes. Also of great benefit in ascetic procedures in clean rooms and detecting faults/discrepancies/irregularities? in products, checking weights, colour and barcodes.
  • Conveyor systems: Optimises movement of pharmaceutical products throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Packaging and palletising: Decreases switch over times between different packaging requirements and allows error free packing of pharmaceuticals into the correct containers and onto the correct pallets. 
  • Turnkey solutions: Pharmaceutical manufacturing operating can be fully automated with robotics and vision systems designed for your specific needs.


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