Plastics & Moulding

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your plastics and moulding processes with the advantages of robotics.

Technological advances in the plastics industry continually drive companies to search for more cost-effective and efficient solutions in manufacturing processes. Parts have become more complex and product lines have increased, resulting in a need for increased accuracy, precision and speed.

Automated systems and robotics provide the precise positioning, high acceleration and deceleration times and reduced cycling times demanded within the industry.

  • Special purpose machines/vision systems: De-moulding complex shapes and handling upstream and downstream operations are simplified and optimised. Positioning and orientation of parts, insert loading, over moulding, handling of hot fabricated parts, as well as the added flexibility for quick re-tasking, make robotics an essential component in the plastics and moulding industry.
  • Conveyor systems: Improve the efficiency of moving and sorting of parts during the manufacturing process.
  • Packaging and palletising: Allow increased performance, time-saving and accuracy in packaging parts and loading and unloading pallets.
  • Turnkey solutions: Including inspection, assembly, marking, packing and palletising. These provide a high-end control solution working in conjunction with injection moulding machines resulting in increased performance and flexibility within the system. Cycle times are optimised and precise changeover point recognition is facilitated.

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