Mexx Engineering® engineering office and factory at 28 Harrington Street Arundel QLD 4214 Australia

Mexx Engineering® understands automation is the future of industrial manufacturing and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of automation technology. Our factory and corporate office are located in the robust city of Gold Coast.

We design and manufacture state of the art manufacturing automation solutions and robotic systems. We are constantly assessing new possibilities with manufacturing materials and processes so that we can offer the most innovative and up to date solutions possible. Our team continuously improves our operation to ensure successful products and project outcomes for our customers’ businesses.


Key Differentiator 

  • A well established Original Equipment Manufacturer in Australia.
  • Design and develop sophisticated automated systems that are industry-specific since 2006.
  • Utilises high quality products and highly skilled workforce.
  • Global trade ready. We successfully designed, build and install an Automated Concrete Test Laboratory for Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group. In New Zealand, we successfully developed and installed a Debagging and Bottle Conveying System for Synlait Milk. 

How can we assist you?

Mexx Engineering® will assist in evaluating the customer's readiness for an automated system. The next step is identifying which automation system best suits the operational needs of the customer. With many integration options available, Mexx Engineering® will recommend the best system that fits the customer’s application.

A standard project timeline consists of:

  • An enquiry is being received
  • Follow up call is made to identify customer’s specifications
  • A 2D concept and quote are presented to the customer
  • Payment options are discussed
  • Contract signing between the customer and Mexx Engineering®
  • Detailed designing phase
  • Prototyping phase
  • Initial building phase at the Mexx Engineering® facility
  • Testing phase at the Mexx Engineering® facility
  • Delivery and commissioning of the system at the customer's facility

Mexx Engineering® recognises that the performance of its team members is pivotal to meeting and exceeding its customers’ requirements in developing and manufacturing automated robotic systems.

Our customers can assure the future growth of their respective businesses and become partners in success by working collaboratively according to the requirements and expectations outlined in our Quality Management System.

A successful partnership requires both parties to work together with a strong level of commitment to ensure the delivery of quality products and services.

We are committed to improve productivity, mitigate risks and hazards, reduce energy use, and cut waste generation within the manufacturing industry.


Value Proposition

Our Gold Coast engineering office and manufacturing factory are equipped to design and manufacture bespoke state of the art automated system for various industries. 

Risk Reduction

    • Proudly Australian owned and manufactured. Our system comes with a minimum of 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

    • With a skilled and qualified workforce, our operation is scalable. We stimulate the economy by sourcing mostly Australian made products and employing local residents.

    • Licenced to manufacture and install. 

    • Insured with current public liability, professional indemnity, marine insurance, employee relations insurance, health and safety statutory liability insurance valid from 2019 to 2024.

Proof of Compliance

    • Workplace health and safety and employee relations compliant according to Employsure Protect EMP9227.
    • Quality focused management. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is underway.
    • Registered trademark for goods and services under class 7 and class 42.





ENDEAVOUR AWARDS - Most Innovative 2014

ABB PARTNER AWARD - Most Innovative 2019


Our mission is to remain at the forefront of industry 4.0 and robotic automation technology. By working in partnership with organisations and businesses of all sizes, we aim to provide reliable automated solutions.

Mexx Engineering® is committed to satisfying our customers with competitive products by consistently striving to increase value through quality and continuous improvement.

We believe that the pursuit of this task will allow us to prosper as a business and to develop as individuals. These results are derived from the dedicated efforts of each employee with supportive participation from management at all levels of the organisation.

Mexx Engineering® is committed to creating, maintaining and improving a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards. To realise the goal reflected in our Mission Statement, we build upon this system and actively embrace the concepts of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and problem prevention. At the same time, we must develop relationships with our suppliers that emphasise continuous improvement in product quality, service and support. Mexx Engineering® recognises our people to be our greatest resource. As a result, every employee has a vested interest in the execution of the objectives contained in our Mission Statement and Quality Policy. We continue to promote the development of our workforce through education and training to support their health, welfare and safety, and have empowered each employee to improve the systems that affect their work. We foster an environment that supports teamwork and continue to recognize individual employee contributions to our improvement efforts.



Through our collaborative partnerships, we envision to supply a more efficient, safe, and sustainable automated solution for industry 4.0.



We are committed to improve productivity, mitigate risks and hazards, reduce energy use, and cut waste generation within the manufacturing industry.


Traction & Key Metrics

Our automated machines are built for efficiency, high-performance and reliability. Like innovative technology, sustainability is integral to all aspects of Mexx Engineering® business operations.

Mexx Engineering® has become Australia's and New Zealand's sought-after custom automation systems developer and manufacturer. We take pride in having the knowledge and expertise required to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the future



Our team are continuously challenging all aspects of what we do and how we do it to ensure successful products and project outcomes for you.

Mexx Engineering® design and manufacture state of the art manufacturing automation solutions and robotic systems, utilising advanced 3D software.  We are constantly assessing new possibilities with manufacturing materials and processes so that we can offer our customer the most innovative and up to date solutions available.


Implementation Strategy

In order to ensure the success of our implementation strategy, Mexx Engineering® practices systematic approach in monitoring issues and executing continuous improvement.

The focus of our day to day business operations is to:

  1. Evaluate and communicate goals, objectives and strategies to all members of the business
  2. Facilitate the delegation of authority and responsibility
  3. Establish checks and balances to monitor whether the departments are operating within their budgetary limits
  4. Optimise operational tactics by enforcing applicable control measures in each department
  5. Implement performance management systems that encourage employee involvement, recognition and reward structure

Sustainability & Environment

Mexx Engineering® strives to balance economic, environmental and social objectives and integrate them into daily business decisions, such as:

  • implement a recycling program (metal, paper, plastic bottles)
  • conserve energy within the office and opt into designing energy-efficient OEM machines and turnkey systems
  • promote paperless office initiative


Global Footprint

Mexx Engineering® social impact is seen in its:

  • Active workforce engagement
  • the promotion of equality & diversity
  • providing professional development within its workforce
  • collaboration with its supply chain

Mexx Engineering® economic impact is evident in:

  • enabling manufacturing industries to improve productivity
  • development of robotic systems that mitigate risks and hazards
  • designing automated systems that can cut waste generation