Mexx Engineering® Factory at 28 Harrington Street Arundel QLD 4214 Australia




Our mission is to remain at the forefront of industry 4.0 and robotic automation technology. By working in partnership with organisations and businesses of all sizes, we aim to provide reliable automated solutions.



Through our collaborative partnerships, we envision to supply a more efficient, safe, and sustainable automated solution for industry 4.0.



We are committed to improve productivity, mitigate risks and hazards, reduce energy use, and cut waste generation within the manufacturing industry.


Traction & Key Metrics

Our automated machines are built for efficiency, high-performance and reliability. Like innovative technology, sustainability is integral to all aspects of Mexx Engineering® business operations.

Mexx Engineering® has become Australia's and New Zealand's sought-after custom automation systems developer and manufacturer. We take pride in having the knowledge and expertise required to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the future



Our team are continuously challenging all aspects of what we do and how we do it to ensure successful products and project outcomes for you.

Mexx Engineering® design and manufacture state of the art manufacturing automation solutions and robotic systems, utilising advanced 3D software.  We are constantly assessing new possibilities with manufacturing materials and processes so that we can offer our customer the most innovative and up to date solutions available.


Implementation Strategy

In order to ensure the success of our implementation strategy, Mexx Engineering® practices systematic approach in monitoring issues and executing continuous improvement.

The focus of our day to day business operations is to:

  1. Evaluate and communicate goals, objectives and strategies to all members of the business
  2. Facilitate the delegation of authority and responsibility
  3. Establish checks and balances to monitor whether the departments are operating within their budgetary limits
  4. Optimise operational tactics by enforcing applicable control measures in each department
  5. Implement performance management systems that encourage employee involvement, recognition and reward structure

Sustainability & Environment

Mexx Engineering® strives to balance economic, environmental and social objectives and integrate them into daily business decisions, such as:

  • implement a recycling program (metal, paper, plastic bottles)
  • conserve energy within the office and opt into designing energy-efficient OEM machines and turnkey systems
  • promote paperless office initiative


Global Footprint

Mexx Engineering® social impact is seen in its:

  • Active workforce engagement
  • the promotion of equality & diversity
  • providing professional development within its workforce
  • collaboration with its supply chain

Mexx Engineering® economic impact is evident in:

  • enabling manufacturing industries to improve productivity
  • development of robotic systems that mitigate risks and hazards
  • designing automated systems that can cut waste generation