Improve the safety and efficiency of your mining work-site with the help of robotics.

Whether open pit or underground, the mining industry has fully embraced automated and robotic systems to improve efficiency, output and profitability. Australian innovations in remote automation and robotic machinery are leading the way in creating integrated, high precision and efficient mining systems.

Increased productivity, efficiency and safety are central to the economic viability of the Australian mining industry. Materials handling, automated conveyor monitoring, robotic conveyor contamination and debris removal, scanning and profiling to name just a few tasks - all are essential to the mining industry and all benefit from automated robotic systems.

Mexx Engineering™ is experienced in designing and creating innovative automated and robotic systems for use within the Mining Industry, such as:

  • Specialty Robot Cells: ideal for onsite welding/painting of large quantities of parts and of large parts to assist in maintaining productivity and reduced freighting.
  • Conveyor Systems: material handling of mined resources

Automation and robotics are central to the Australian mining industry, providing Australians with a competitive edge.

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