Robotic Palletising = Perfection

— 14 November 2019

Manufacturing companies from various industries all over the world are beginning to understand the advantages of robotic palletising technology. Products such as bags, cartons, boxes, drums or trays can all be palletised rapidly, repetitively and precisely. Many factories and workshops today have automated their application with a palletising system.


Construction Industry In 2020 As Influenced By Robotic Automation

— 14 October 2019

While some may think robotic automation within the construction industry is a new development, it goes back thousands of years. While most of these technologies are no longer of use, some are still applicable to the industry. Today, improvements in robotics and software engineering have allowed a new wave of automation in the construction industry, with new developments and collaborations happening across academia, government, and industry.


Top 4 ‘Fabricated’ Tales About Robotics

— 14 September 2019

Since the dawn of science fiction films, robots are at the forefront. It captured people’s interests, real or imagined, although some believe that robots are here taking over the human race. There are many urban legends, but what is the top 4 fables or misconceptions?


Agricultural Automation... Yes Please!!!

— 14 August 2019

Agriculture is our oldest and still is, our most significant economic occupation, providing the food, feed, fibre, and fuel necessary for our survival. Robotics and automation are playing a vital role in increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of industrial production and products.


Robots Excelling In The Food Industry

— 14 July 2019

In the past decade, automation in the food industry has focused on bagging and packing. Fast forward to today, higher demand for quicker and more nimble machines prompted recent innovations. Newer technologies can work towards the front and middle of the production lines to provide rapid pick-and-place operations on individual food products.


Breakthrough In Environmental Protection

— 14 June 2019

Environmental destruction and climate change have long-lasting effects on the world and the way people live. The results of climate change become more dramatic as each year passes. As people, we are experiencing changes in temperature, and severe natural disasters are zooming across the world. Plants and animals are being disturbed by the changing climate, with fragile species at risk and crops vanishing in extreme heat and drought.