Meat & Produce

Manufacturers in the meat & produce industry have come to expect the best performing robotic solutions available globally.

Mexx Engineering is one of the few robotics and automation companies in Australia. We are known for designing and manufacturing complete lines that are built to handle a range of functions from upstream processing, sorting and packing through to the end of line palletisation. 

Mexx Engineering can streamline the meat & produce industry using innovative and versatile systems such as:

  • Conveyor System
  • Vision System

Our top-of-the-line robotic systems can accelerate and streamline all these processes through:

  • Custom Design
  • Custom Automation

The implementation of robotic automation within the meet & produce industry offers incredible potential for improved safety, quality and productivity by enhancing process monitoring and control.

Automation is the new edge in farming, both in Australia and overseas, and it is not just in response to a diminishing number of farmers or an exploding escalation in population.

The growing global community and swinging trade guidelines affect the pricing, supply chain, and distribution of food products. In the meantime, consumers first choices, especially in western countries, are changing more toward organic and sustainably produced foods and products that require more consideration, data, and labour.

With the demand for produce and meat at a higher regard than ever before, businesses are converting to automation to help speed up their applications. There is an abundance of reasons that automation makes sense for the world of agriculture. With benefits varying from economic to environmental, implementing automated systems in Australian farms could advance the industry forward in an awe-inspiring way.

Meat Works

Manufacturers achieve many advantages by automating their meat processing treatments, including reduced cycle times and increased quantity. This means that meat is delivered to the customer earlier and faster, which lessons spoilage and provides it with the best shelf life possible. Also, employees are away from the sharp cutting tools that may have once caused personal injuries or harm in the past, improving the safety of the production line. Meat cutting has always been one of the most highly hazardous operations in food manufacturing, for both employee and product safety. With the application of meat processing robotic automation, contrasting to human involvement, there is a massive decline in the potential for product contamination. Hence, the meat is safer for human ingestion.

Efficiency is a crucial emphasis on meat and poultry manufacturers. The capability to derive the utmost amount of meat from a carcass in the fastest time is the best formula for making substantial revenues. Meat processing robotic automation must be able to withstand moisture, rust and any other outside elements that could corrode the metal.

Mexx Engineering can assist in providing solutions for:



The ever increasing and fluctuating demand for produce challenges the agriculture industry. Tackling labour shortages and increasing costs for farm work is becoming an issue. Several farmers are facing a predicament between wanting to produce more, higher-quality crops and finding the personnel to plant, maintain, and harvest those crops. Although generating more food is extremely important, there is also surmounting pressure on farmers to make their methods greener and more environmentally friendly. In doing so, farmers must use water efficiently, reduce or cut out the number of insecticides that are used and focus on sustainability as well as producing good quality food. Using autonomous vehicles and robots can be a critical factor in achieving this goal.

Mexx Engineering can provide technological advantage by designing and manufacturing automated solutions such as robotic machines that are well suited for growing, harvesting, packing, processing, and warehousing operations for produce and floral businesses.