Robotic Paint System

The Robotic Paint System is a complete painting facility. The robotic system can monitor and control the paint consistency and spray area. A fully automated product handling system manages the product through all painting, handling, and baking process.

This system is capable of increasing finished quality, whilst delivering higher production speeds and productivity. It is easy to install and program, and the robots deliver the same high-quality finish at all times.

Applications of robotic paint system can include:

  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Car manufacturing
  • Automotive repair
  • Industrial spray painting

Robot painting produces top quality results. Industrial painting robots can apply substances without leaving behind drips, inconsistencies and over-spray. Paint and coatings are applied precisely and consistently.

Industrial painting robots can provide extraordinary part convenience. Robotic arms are slender and widespread, thus enabling them to be installed in several locations such as a shelf, wall, roof or rail. It also allows for even greater flexibility and reaches.

The ability to lift and maneuver heavy loads, perform repetitive and hazardous drilling, milling, bending, stamping and cutting operations and their ability to work in ever-changing environments makes automotive systems and robotics indispensable within the metals industry. 

Mexx Engineering can assist manufacturers in producing quality work with faster turnaround periods.

Benefits of a robotic painting system

The benefits of integrating robotic paint system within an automated manufacturing process include:

  • Increased painting output
  • Repeatable finished product
  • Less work-related injuries
  • Increased reliability, quality and consistency in painted products
  • A greater competitive edge through quality guarantee

Robotic Paint System


    • Infeed conveyor system
    • Automatic self-centring system to accurately align coffins
    • Infeed transfer area to
    • 1st Robot paint station
      • Rotary positioner for product positioning
      • 12 colours 4 catalysts 2K Robot Paint System
    • In line flash off area
    • 2nd Robot paint station
      • Rotary positioner for product positioning
      • 12 colours 4 catalysts 2K Robot Paint System
    • Continuous Bake oven
    • 2 out feed conveyors for cooling after bake
    • Operator interface through HMI
    • System safety interlocked and guarded as per Australian and New Zealand Standards


The robotic paint system is an automated robotic painting system. Depending on the customer's specification, the robotic paint booth can be made with 12-colour changer or more.

In a system with 12-colour changer, it can do 2K or 3K variation of different hardeners and paint application. It measures the rate in which the fluids are applied. This way it ensures that the right mixture of paint and hardeners are consistent. The consistency of the paint application helps in making sure that there is less overspray. There is more concentration of paint on to the product rather than into the air. This also allows a much better finish. 

Adding a conveyor system and curing oven can convert the robotic paint booth into a fully-automated turnkey system. Where the raw material is indexed into the paint booth, sprayed and then indexed out of the curing oven as a finished product.


The integration of high-end robotic paint booth can increase productivity or efficiency within the following industries:



This type of setup will require a vision system to detect the barcode attached to each product. This setup is called a turnkey system. The robotic paint booth is smart and programmable. 

As a turnkey system, the robotic paint system is a fully automated system where the following components are purposely added to create a sophisticated machine:



As a stand-alone machine or EOM product, it may take around 25-weeks from purchase order to delivery. On the other hand, a custom-made turnkey system can take longer depending on the customer's requests and specifications. 



Service maintenance is any work necessary to keep all customer facilities in good repair and operating condition. It includes maintaining and repairing essential components of a machine. This excludes explicitly new work and alterations such as:

  • manufacturing and modifying machines and complete lines
  • providing decorative treatments
  • modifying vision systems
  • attaching or extending items to the machine.


All of Mexx Engineering® machines and turnkey systems come with a minimum of one year warranty on workmanship and materials. 

Each system developed by Mexx Engineering® is a seamless automated machine that minimises environmental impact and maximises performance while ensuring the safety of its operator.

For more information, please contact 07 5571 5733 and choose option 1 for sales, to discuss the best combination of equipment and system maintenance to suit your application.