Custom Automation

For design and manufacture of machines for highly specialised purposes contact the experts at Mexx Engineering™.

Special purpose machines are designed and manufactured by Mexx Engineering, specifically for a particular client and a customised task. They can be integrated within an existing automated system or can be a complete standalone system. The Mexx engineering team have the capacity to produce both the design and manufacture of the special purpose machine to improve automation capabilities from project commencement through to installation and commissioning.

The Benefits of Mexx Engineering™ designed special purpose machines

Mexx Engineering™ are design specialists in the field of special purpose machines and automated systems. We design, build and install, either individual special purpose machines or the entire automated system.

We provide an innovative turnkey solution to complex manufacturing problems. Our systems can be designed and built to suit your specific needs, providing a solution that increases productivity and realised gains.

Our specialised machines and automated systems are designed with both reliability and efficiency as the primary outcomes. The adoption, by Mexx Engineering™, of modular or systems based methods combined with mechanical modelling or mechanistic machine design, provides not only increased reliability and efficiency, but other practical benefits as well, including:

  • Reduced machine design time
  • Improved machine reliability
  • Optimised performance
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Uncomplicated servicing or repairs

Applications of special purpose machines


Mouse Mat Automated Manufacturing Machine

The application of special purpose machines is vast and potentially infinite. Some applications include:

  • High speed packaging and processing systems
  • Assembly, testing and inspection processes
  • Servo-turn tables and orientation systems
  • Rotary welding and cutting processes
  • Gripper systems
  • Process assistance
  • Pallet wrapping machines
  • Cutting of plastics, fibreglass, aluminium and steel
  • Milling operations and machine tending
  • Hydraulic based systems
  • Product testing machines
  • Proprietary medical devices
  • Bottle handling and packaging systems

Turnkey solutions

Special purpose machines and automated systems offer manufacturers a complete solution to efficient and cost effective production processes. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our engineers can provide you with an innovative and flexible automated system, which completes and enhances your manufacturing process to achieve precision outputs and increased efficiency.

Mexx Engineering™ design, build and install completely automated systems that are ready for production. Mexx Engineering™ also provide comprehensive back up services and support for your turnkey system.

We source individual components from FroniusSew EurodriveSICKOmronSmalte and Nordson

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